Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Flash Player EOL Final Minutes (12am GMT, Dec 31st 2020)

Goodbye Flash...


Since 1996, Flash has been integral to many parts of the web, and you have definitely used it at least once, whether you know it or not, sadly, this means losing most of internet history.

There is hope however, people like Newgrounds and Flashpoint have made Flash Player emulation plugins to allow you to interact with Flash media past the end-of-life deadline, Ruffle is an excellent project which doesn’t support all versions of Flash yet, but is in constant development in the hobbyist dev community.

My plan is to try my best to be playing Flash games right up until the plug-in cuts out at midnight.

It’s a shame Flash had to die unnecessarily, it has served us well...

There is a live countdown timer on my website at:

Thank you.

Joe. H

Friday, December 25, 2020

Applause to Channel 4 for the Queen's Speech parody!

 It's Christmas 2020 and today at 3pm, Channel 4, here in the UK, aired this hilarious deepfake parody of the Queen's regular Christmas speech! (The real one was aired as planned on ITV and BBC channels).

It showed the Queen doing TikTok dances, discussing the Prince Andrew/Epstein sex scandal and much, much more.

Some viewers enjoyed it! Taking to Twitter to express their opinions, unfortunately, some people took the joke the wrong way and decided it was offensive (which it wasn't).

Personally, I always thought they should show Die Hard 2 instead, but maybe I'm just insensitive.

But probably not.

You can find it here: (9) Deepfake Queen: 2020 Alternative Christmas Message - YouTube

Joe. H

Sunday, December 13, 2020

'The $40bn US-based games giant EA has ignited a bidding war for Britain's Codemasters'

 Dear EA,


I don't want DIRT and F1 to be riddled with bleeding microtransactions, unless you're going to make a microtransaction-free remaster of Colin McRae Rally for the PS1...

Joe. H

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

James O’ Brien slaying anti-vaxxer is hilarious

 Saw this clip with my favourite radio host James O’ Brien from British political discussion show LBC. In this clip, he hilariously shoots down deluded anti-vaxxer who is appalled when he finds out he can’t go to the bar/pub without a vaccine with his wicked sense of humour - enjoy!!!

Side note: When did the British people figure out how to defy Darwin? Probably 2016 with the Brexit vote but that’s a rant for another day...

Joe. H

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Marc Mero's powerful Mother's Day story has a powerful message that needs to be shared

Judging by how many people my age aren’t respectful towards their parents and don’t tell them they love them, I feel they need to hear this.

Please, share this with the people you love, with teenagers, with anyone who needs to show some respect or needs to hear it, I only ask when doing this you link back to my blog - some more site traffic would be much appreciated. You can do this via the share buttons at the bottom, you can share on Facebook, Twitter or via an email or link.

Joe. H

The U.K. Government COVID vote...

 Tonight, as of time of writing, England’s second National lockdown ends at midnight, and we might get a strict tier system back (which, let’s face it, will probably be broken) and people will follow the rules and we might get out of this god-forsaken lockdown, but that probably won’t happen.

Joe. H

Nice to see Biden fixing America...

 Great to see Joe Biden fixing up the USA after the horror of The Fat Sociopath, to be fair, hopefully the USA will become less of a threat ...